Bekölce is surrounded by 2 scenic areas: the Bükk mountains and Kőszegi tájvédelmi Körzet.

The landscape surrounding Bekölce can be described as hilly woodland,
it is perfect for horseriding, walking, cycling and ski cross-country in winter.
The mountains belongs to nature conservation and is officially a ‘National Park’.

The highest peak in the Bükk mountains measures 959 metres. All mountains are well covered with dense woods.

The central part of the Bükk mountains is a plateau measuring a length of 20 km and width of 6 km, which is surrounded by steep walls. In total 800 caves can be found in the mountains, most famous are the ones in Lillafured.

The Bükk mountains (National park) is a paradise for clean air and untouched nature lovers. Animal lover can also fully enjoy themselves in this area. Deer, wild boars, foxes and numerous other animals live here uninterrupted, just now and then disturbed by the sparse tourists.

Not only in summer, but also in winter one can enjoy himself in the mountains. The chill is dry and the snowfall invites you to go Skiing and Cross-Skiing.

From Bekölce there is a quick route to the bigger city Eger and the village Szilvásvárad, known for its Lipizaner horses and the Szalajka Valley.